Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nearly a month in the life of Nate

Wow, so it's been nearly a month since I've posted. I'll try to give you the quick picture and video break down of our activities.

Nate's cousin, Sydney turned 1. We celebrated her birthday at my mom's house. Before smash cake:

After smash cake!
Sydney sporting her new Minnie ears that Nate gave her.
Nate driving in his coupe car. Beep beep! Watch out mom, this will be a REAL car in just 14 short years!
Nate and Daddy having fun: Nate splashing around in his Elmo sprinkler mat.
Nate's first corn dog at the Kentucky State Fair. He ate the WHOLE thing!
Nate checking out the cows at the fair. They were his favorite thing about the fair... well that and the corn dogs... :) He kept saying "COW!" "MOO!" "COW!" "MOO!" everytime we passed one.
Nate playing his first fair game. The duck pond.

The prize he won:

Videos (click the arrow to play)

One, Two, Three!

"Quality Time" with Grandma... OUCH!


The next post should be a birthday palooza blog! Check back soon...