Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in Memphis

The Hammsters spent Thanksgiving in Memphis this year. We had hardly been in the door for 5 minutes and Nate had already made himself at home on his Elmo couch kept at his Tennessee Grandparents' (TG) house. He was extra excited about the new toybox that his TG had made for him. It was full of toys! Nate was so excited and kept showing us all the toys inside, over and over again. :)

It didn't take long for Nate to entice everyone into a friendly game of catch. And by friendly I mean you lightly toss the ball to Nate and then he pummels you with it. Nana and Grandpa D were a bit surprised by his aim and strength. :)

Seriously, could you say no to this?

He even got his Great Uncle Keith to join in on some soccer.

There were two turkey's at Nana and Papaw D's house this year. Only one of which we ate...

Nate and his awesome parents... :)

Nate and Papaw D coloring and sharing some giggles.

We also visited family in Mississippi. Nate and his Aunt Patsy fed Casey LOADS of dog food. Nate quickly became Casey's best friend. They even squabbled over dog toys later. :) Nate was so adorable at Aunt Patsy's house. We were telling him all his aunts and uncles and cousins names and we told him that one of Patsy's daughters was named Sherrie, and he looked over at her and called her, "More Patsy". :)
Nate's other best friend from the visit, his cousin Hayden. Nate followed him around everywhere, even stealing his hat. :) Hayden was so great helping and playing with Nate.
Nate got lots of love from his cousin Angie.
Nate sporting his full Memphis attire, showing his Tiger Pride. Go Memphis!
We really had such a great visit in Memphis for Thanksgiving. Nate's Nana made tons and tons of yummy food, way more than we could eat. Nate really got attached to his TG while we were there this visit. During our nightly routine of listing the people that we love, Nate makes sure to say Nana and Papaw D several times each night. I hope that we will be able to see them again soon. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Recreational Activities

Thought I'd share a bit of what Nate's been up to lately.

Nate cuteness: The other day Nate was playing near the ottoman and he bumped his head (don't worry, the ottoman is soft and squishy). He cried anyways and held his head. I asked if he needed a kiss. "Yes" he replied and came over to get his kiss on the head. He went back to playing and a few minutes later bumped his head again on the ottoman. He started to whine, put his hand on his head and looked at me. I asked if he needed another kiss. He looked over at me, looked down at his toys, back at me, then back at his toys...(clearly torn between getting kisses for his booboo and staying to play with his toys), he then proceeded to kiss his hand and smack the kiss on his own forehead and returned to his playing. Kinda like, "nah, I got this Mom." Haha. :)

Nate really likes to look at books. Especially this Wiggles book (let me just say that I can't STAND the Wiggles show and this book is about all I can tolerate).

I love the crossed leg... chilling out, reading a "good" book.

Some friends shared this cute craft idea with us to make for Thanksgiving. It required like 30 minutes of Mommy cutting things out of foam and like 5 minutes of Nate glueing. Though a bit tedious on my part, Nate absolutely LOVED making the turkey. His favorite part was the eyes. He still points to the turkey on the fridge and says, "Googley eyes". Which is well worth all that prep work on Mommy's part.

The finished product. We ended up making two turkey's, one for our fridge, and one to give to Nate's Nana and Papaw D (Mike's parents) for Thanksgiving.

We actually were able to spend Thanksgiving this year with Mike's family in Memphis. My next post will have pictures from our trip there. Gobble, gobble!