Monday, June 30, 2008

All Grown Up

Nate and Joey, Best Friends Forever...

Nate had his very first invitation to a birthday party from his best friend at daycare, Joey. Apparently these two are best of friends at daycare, so much so that even though Joey is a few months older than Nate, they keep them in the same room because they cry for each other. Very cute. I'm sure that in 30 years when they are still best of friends and they have married sisters and bought houses next door to each other they will make some Hallmark movie about them. It'll be called something like, "Hey back off, that's my best friend's toy." Or, "Sure I'll share my applesauce with you." Either way, the two boys are sooo cute together.

The party was this Saturday at 2pm. And I honestly think that Nate grew up by 5 months while playing there with Joey and his friends.

Those of you who have come to know and love Nate, know that he definitely has things that he just will not do. Things he's afraid of. He is rather set in his ways for a one year old. :)

Before party Nate quirks:
1. Will not let strangers, people he doesn't see often hold him.
2. Does NOT like to be dirty. He will stop midmeal to have me wipe off his hands. He'll come to me if he's touched a rock outside so I can wipe miniscule dirt off.
3. Has never walked outside barefoot. Does NOT like to touch grass with feet or hands.
4. FREAKED out when we turned on the sprinkler. Doesn't like water in his face at all. Doesn't like his clothes to get wet.
5. Doesn't care too much for swinging. Has never swung in a big kid swing.
6. Has only ridden a small ride on toy. We tried to get him to ride a powered ride on once and he wanted OFF immediately. Doesn't really like to sit on anything he has to straddle.

At party Nate did the following:
1. Went swinging in baby swing and big boy swing for long amounts of time. Swinging next to Joey of course.
2. Walked around yard barefoot with grass, dirt, mud, and rocks without a care in the world. Walking next to Joey of course.
3. Not only did he go near the sprinkler without crying, he went down a slip and slide repeatedly. Didn't freak out when water got in his face. Didn't care that his swimming trunks were wet. Slip and sliding with Joey of course.
4. Rode on at least 4 different big boy ride on toys, powered or not. Loved every minute of it. Even sat straddling one while eating pizza. Riding on toys next to Joey of course.
5. He went to Mik (Joey's dad) in the pool while neither Mike nor I were in there yet. He let Mik hold him and put him in a floaty and push him around the pool. Swimming with Joey of course.
6. At various times in the day he was covered in grass, mud, water, sunblock, pizza, juice, bubbles and only ONCE did he ask me to wipe the wet grass off his feet when he happened to notice his swinging feet were caked with something. Surprisingly enough, he only noticed this when he was swinging without Joey!

So I've decided, maybe we should have another baby?

Nahh, that's crazy talk.... we'll just adopt Joey. :)

Various pictures from Nate's Day of Growing Up... aka Joey's party:

Joey on the big boy swing, Nate on toddler swing. The day is just beginning, see how clean we still are! :)

Nate doing the big boy swing all by himself. Joey is giving him a critical eye, possibly he's explaining to Nate the proper form and technique.

Nate and Joey dabbling in the sprinkler.

Nate's gone full fledged slip-n-sliding. I am trying to pretend that's a look of glee on his face, rather than sheer toddler terror.

Nate taking a moment to take in all that's going on around him.

Nate and Daddy hanging out in the pool.

Nate and Joey warming up after a swim. Aren't they just adorable!

We had such a blast that day and hope to be able to go visit Joey and Joshua again soon!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Okay, okay. I'm here. Now what?

Well it's official. 543 people have encouraged me to start a blog. And so, under THAT immense amount of pressure, what's a gal to do?

So I'm here.

Where are those 543 people anyways? They should be here, telling me what to do.

Like... uhmm... just exactly what will a blog about the 'Hammsters' be about? It's not like we live this exciting life, jet setting around the world, or winning awards for our humanitarian acts... we're boring. I guess you poor poor suckers who have found your way to my blog either by accident (maybe your child tricked you into buying a hamster and you want to know more about them and their life. Only you're a bad speller, and you have two m's in hamster. And now I've offended my only audience by judging their poor spelling abilities), or you're one of the aforementioned 543 people and I WILL be making you read my blog. And repeatedly tell me how witty and pretty I am.

But, nevertheless, here I am. My husband, Mike, and adorable son, Nate will be making appearances in this blog too. Even if they don't know it yet.

You might ask why "Hammster Life"? It's sort of a play our name mixed with me putting our lives out there for anyone to see, like we're hamsters in a cage. And I've decided to not post out real last name so one day when Nate's grown up and his friends Google him they won't pull up 2 billion pictures of him

as a baby wearing embarassing costumes,

or with ravioli all over his face,

or cute tub pictures.

I also have visions in my head of being the 'cool mom' and all his friends want to hang out at our house (so I can keep tabs on Nate of course), and if they read this blog and see how lame-o I am, I'll never have a chance!

So, here goes. A blog. Maybe next time I post I'll actually have an idea of what in the world I want to say. So until then....