Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nate's Birthday Party (Part 1)

Nate's Birthday party was on Saturday, September 26th. We had just about 30 people here so we were very pleased that the weather decided to cooperate and we could be outdoors too. The party turned out way better than I could have even hoped for. Here are some of my favorite pictures...

Nate's Backyardigan Pirate cake

Cousin Sydney, Nate, Cousin Kaylee, Uncle Luke, Cousin Samantha take a quick picture break, it's hard to get 5 kids to stop bouncing long enough...

Kaylee had a complete blast in the bounce house.

Drew, sweet as always, checking out Nate's collection of outdoor toys.

Nate and Josh being boys.

Josh and Joey, can't get in the house fast enough.

Nate and his Uncle Brian. Nate was so happy he was able to come.

Grandma Dawn, Baby Ben, Brad, Poppa Jim, Uncle Syl
Cousin Sydney waiting for Nate to come eat lunch with her, sadly Nate ate inside and Sydney waited quite some time.

Uncle Aaron and Kathy checking out what's good to eat.

Yummy lunch.

Party table and cake.

Mike taking advantage of the bounce house after the party. Many an adult jumped in the bounce house (myself included), I just don't have pictures of them all, and for that I'm sure they are eternally grateful.

I think every kid went home thinking this was the best party ever. Thank you bounce house. Thank you nice weather. Thanks to everyone for coming, Nate had an absolute blast! See you next year!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Nate!

My sweet baby boy turned 3 on September 25th. How did this happen? Where did those 3 years go? I'm sure that just a month ago I was feeding him a bottle, trying to decide when we should start feeding him solids, and anguishing over whether he was warm enough in the onesie and footed pajamas. These 3 years have truly been a blessing. My heart is so completely full with love for Nate, and yet tomorrow I'll love him even more. Each time I think, I love this age the most! Then he gets older, and I think I love that age the most. I think I just love Nate the most, no matter his age. Though if he could stay 3 for a bit longer than he was 2...

Here are some pictures of his actual birthday on Friday.

Starting out the morning right... with powdered doughnuts and a Happy Birthday song and candles.

Then off to daycare armed with lots of cupcakes...

Home to open a gift from Nana and Poppy D

It is infact the GREATEST present ever! A GIANT track complete with cars that go when you shake them. (I must admit, I'm not sure which one of the boys in my house love this track the most....)

We asked Nate where he wanted to go to eat dinner for his birthday. We tried to convince him that he wanted Chili's, but he was adamant that McDonald's was the place to be.

How old are you today?

Then back home for cake! Blowing out the candles is always Nate's favorite part of ANY birthday. If it's your birthday and Nate's there, beware... he will blow out your candles!
Opening a few presents from Mommy and Daddy on his actual birthday.

Nate's birthday went by way too fast. I held him extra long the night before to get in one last 2 year old hug. Then on his birthday I held him extra long to see if it felt any different hugging my 3 year old. Maybe it was because I was feeling all sappy about my growing baby, but that night he looked more like the boy he's growing up to be. I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

I'll try to post again soon with pictures from his awesome birthday party!