Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nate-isms Summer 2009

The other day Nate told me, "Mommy you a ooba-me ooba-me ooba-me up."

Clearly I'm unsure the meaning....

He continues to repeat this because he wants me to agree. So finally I'm like, sure I'm one of those.

Mike tells me later that he was singing the Oompa-Loompa song to Nate while on vacation. LOL, so Nate was calling me an oompa-loompa. :)

So I ask Nate, "Did you mean 'oompa loompa'"?
He says, "Yeah. Ooba-me ooba-me ooba-me up." And gives me this look like I'm an idiot because obviously we're saying the same thing.

What else you got?
During our vacation travels we had stopped to eat a nutritious McDonalds meal. Nate had gotten a Happy Meal with chicken nuggets and apple dippers and I had a fish sandwich. Nate loves their fish sandwich (or should I say, he loves their tartar and he tolerates the fish with each bite) and so I was giving him bites. When I finished my sandwich I reached over and got one of his apple slices.

Nate: "Hey!!! That's MY apples!"
Me: "We're sharing."
Nate: "Those are MINE!"
Me: "I'm pretty sure I just shared my fish sandwich with you."
Nate: "Your sandwich is all gone."