Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm a bit behind, but wanted to post some pictures from Halloween.

At first Nate was a little timid going up to people's houses. He held my hand to and from each house. The houses with dogs are the ones that held most of his attention. After a recent visit to my BFF Lauren's house he has become extremely interested in dogs and calls them all 'Enry (henry).

After a few houses he got into the routine and did very well with saying Thank You and a few sporadic "trick or treats" thrown in for good measure. There was one thing he was adamant about... he wanted the people giving out the candy to hand it to him so he could put the candy in his own bucket. He also REALLY loved the houses that let him pick out his own candy, or should I say the houses that let him root around in their candy bucket for several awkward minutes until Mommy would step in and say, "Nate, just pick something please..."
Contrary to what the picture looks like I didn't let him walk into strangers houses... this is Nate trick or treating at my mom's house...:)

Nate and Grandma checking out all his loot...

"Here's some Skittles Mommy." I would say, awww how sweet, but he found out earlier that day that he didn't like Skittles, so he was merely unloading the junk.

Nate's cousin, Kaylee, who was Jessie from Toy Story. She kept her costume on for all of 3 seconds once she was at Grandma's house...

She then dressed Nate up in her costume, which he LOVED. Apparently Nate wanted to be a Cowboy for Halloween , he wore this costume the rest of the time we were there. He even took the hat home with him.

We all had a GREAT time and now almost a month later his candy is ALMOST gone. Though I am embarassed to admit how much of his candy was eaten by his parents.... and by his parents I mean me. Though I might have pawned some Skittles off on Mike... ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not-Too-Scary Halloween fun at the Zoo

We went to the Halloween event at the Louisville Zoo a few weekends ago. Our fall activities will never end apparently. We have a Zoo membership so it was free to get in, a nice bonus for Mom and Dad. :) The event basically consists of lots of storybook characters posing for pictures, large sets and pictures everywhere to set up the "theme" of each area, hay bale maze, and kiosks set up all over where they give out candy. I think by the end Nate had a total of 10 pieces of candy and Daddy had a Barq's Rootbeer (they both seemed pleased with their "loot"). Nate was sooo cute at each candy kiosk. He wouldn't let the people put the candy in his bucket, he wanted them to hand it to him and then he would put it in. He was really good about saying thank you each time. Very adorable. Here are some pictures from our day (notice the hood of his giraffe costume NEVER made it on his head. He was adamant about that).

This is actually my favorite picture from the day:

We let Nate pick out one piece of candy to eat that night and he picked Sixlets (Do they even make this candy anymore?). He LOVED them! He kept saying, "More candy." I tried to explain to him to pace himself, that actual Halloween was coming and he'd get loads more candy then. Patience... not exactly a virtue of a 2 year old.