Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Preparations 2008

As the Christmas holiday was approaching we celebrated a bit with friends from my work. They graciously invited us to stay the night at their home in Lexington and so we brought Nate along to enjoy the party too. Nate was sooooo good and was immediately comfortable around everyone. He is definitely coming out of his shell more and more each day. Nate is still the pickiest eater I know (that's saying a lot coming from me!) and so I'm not quite sure, but I believe that his "dinner" consisted of wheat crackers, cheerios, and ranch dip. That's healthy, right?

Nate's new best friend, Jeromie, "loaned" him his iPhone, which Nate immediately fell in love with. His favorite application was the Star Wars light saber. Nate forced Jeromie to play with him and the iPhone for an hour at least. A whole hour where Mommy cringed each time the $300 iPhone got slung around and pounded on.
Back home we decided it was time to get our own tree out. Though Mike questioned my idea to put the whole tree up while Nate was awake, Nate did a GREAT job helping. He was really excited at each step along the way. It made putting the ornaments on quite a slow process, but since we still don't have a lot of ornaments yet it worked out just fine.
Each year I buy a new ornament for the tree. The last few years I've been making it a point to get ornaments that can be hung low on the tree with a toddler. :) This year's addition were these super cute mittens. I let Nate put all the soft ornaments on the tree this year. He did amazingly well, both in skill and in patience.

Here he is bargaining with me that this jingle bell ornament is indeed a soft ornament and thus he can put it on himself. Who can resist him?

This was when I realized I needed to explain to him about the reason for the nativity set.... that they were not infact action figures as he first thought. Nate did really well for the most part, not playing too roughly with the nativity figures, only needing reminders from time to time. He'd even bring them too me, showing me the mommy, daddy, and baby. However we clearly will need to explain again next year, since last weekend when we put the tree and decorations up I noticed that one of the wise men had lost an arm in battle... sadly the baby Jesus will not be getting one of his gifts next year, I'm just unsure if it was the gold, frankincense, or myrrh.

I'll post soon with pictures from Christmas. My problem is somehow deciding between the 70 gazillion pictures I took...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For the past few weeks Nate has been asking to go to the Park. My response has been, "I'm sorry baby, we can't go to the park... it's too cold outside." Usually the conversation ends there. However recently we had this conversation:

Nate: "'unna go park"
Mommy: "I'm sorry baby, we can't go to the park... it's too cold outside."
Nate: "No cold outside."
Mommy: "Oh yes, it's VERY cold outside."
Nate: "No cold outside. Hot."
Mommy: "No, it's not hot. It's COOOOLD."
Nate: "No cold outside. Hot."
Mommy: "It's cold outside."
Mommy: "Fine. It's hot outside."
Nate: (with a devious grin on his face, but said in the sweetest, most innocent voice) "Go park?"

*sigh* You gotta love him. :)