Monday, May 11, 2009

Ice Storm 2009

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our ice storm, early 2009:

We were concerned that Nate would throw a toddler-sized tantrum when we tried to put mittens on him. Just so happened that while dressing him in winter-garb an episode of Spongebob came on where Spongebob and Sandy wore giant mittens when doing Karate together. So from that moment on Nate saw his winter mittens as Karate Mittens. He is often to be found wearing them, even now in the spring, around the house, going High-Yah! and making various karate poses. Whatever works. This is my new parent motto.


Lauren said...

Love the pics! Maybe in 6 months (say Thanksgiving) we'll find out what Nate did in May...LOL. Hahahahahha....that's a hint that we need more timely updates!

pego'myheart said...

"Whatever works" yeah, that was one of my motto's too! Along with "if you;re not bleeding you're not really hurt, go on and play."