Monday, July 6, 2009

In a Van Down By the Fireworks

Last year we went to my sister's for the 4th of July weekend. Dual purpose, 4th of July festival in their town and my niece's birthday party. So again this year we repeated the visit. Last year we took Nate to the fireworks display and he absolutely hated it. He screamed and screamed and screamed some more until we had to go back to the car and watch Backyardigans on the portable DVD player to drown out the noise and await the end of the fireworks. We were sure that this year, Nate being closer to 3, he'd surely not be as scared.... right?

Two years in a row.

Sitting in my sister's van, watching Backyardigans on the DVD player, drowning out the noise with headphones.

At least Nate had a GREAT time at his sissy's (Samantha) birthday party.

The birthday girl.

Nate's favorite activity at the party, the trampoline. Here he is practicing his push ups, working on his "muggles" (that's how Nate says muscles).

Nate and his awesome parents.

And before the fireworks started the kids all had a blast playing at the playground. The parents got bit by LOADS of bugs, not so fun. What age is it that you stop looking at the playground as the best place you've ever been, and just worry about sunscreen and bugspray?

Sydney on the slide and Samantha on the monkey bars.

All in all we had a wonderful visit and look forward to many more years of spending the 4th of July with my family. Who knows, maybe one year we'll actually get to watch the fireworks from outside the van.

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Lauren said...

Love the title!! Too funny! Glad you FINALLY updated your blog! And truly pix from a mere month and a half ago is quite timely! Mad props!!